Here's an older resume which contains a lot of details on what I did in the game industry.


• 3+ years software engineering experience in the Video Game Industry.
• Credited across 4 platforms on 3 shipped titles. (PC, PSP, PS2, Wii)
• 1st place at the Animedia Festival in Truro, NS for Game Design.
• Developed a strategy voice-recognition demo using C# for PC.
• Created demos using Torque, Unreal, Evolution and Gamebryo.
• Game Design and technical documentation creation experience.
• Bilingual.

Work Experience

June 2010 - August 2010
Senior Software Engineer

• Evaluated games engines to pick one that best suited our game and budget.
• Established a project structure for our demo.
• Sharing game industry knowledge with other team members.
• Setup Perforce for our demo and mentoring others on how to use it.
• Documenting my work and keeping team members up-to-date.

January 2007 - January 2010
Software Engineer

All projects duties

• Worked on FIFA 10, NBA Live 09 and UEFA Euro 2008 for PSP.
• Did frontend programming for all titles.
• Working with QA team to solve and report bugs.
• Clean and optimize code.
• Integrate code from other platforms.
• Tech Brief and other game documentation.
• Maintained and upgraded PSP kits for the entire studio.

Project Specific duties

• FIFA 10
• Mentored other teammates on PSP guidelines and standards.
• Responsible for all TRC bugs and violations.
• Initial member on the team, setup code & art pipelines.
• Besides Frontend, worked on the HUD, save system, gameplay elements and most game modes.

• NBA Live 09
• Mentored other teammates on PSP guidelines and standards.
• Responsible for most TRC bugs and violations.
• Made major upgrades to save system.
• Responsible for creating FIBA game mode.
• Implemented new controls.

• UEFA Euro 2008
• Responsible for European Campaign game mode.
• Implemented HUD changes.
• Responsible for the save system.


• Knowledge of Source Control (Perforce)
• Great knowledge of PSP guidelines and implementations
• Knowledge of Game Design documentation
• Great leadership & communication skills
• C, C++ and C#, Windows, Flash Actionscript programming


New Brunswick CC Miramichi, NB
Electronic Game Design 2004-2006

• Course covered various programming languages, game documentation, game design, programming assessments and project scheduling.
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