Friday, June 10, 2011

Reasons to work in the Game Industry.

Working in the Game Industry can have it's perks! From massive launch parties to collaborating some great ideas on an up and coming title.

Making games!
For most people, they join the game industry because they have a huge passion for video games. When you're a video game fanatic, making games is the greatest job in the world! Plus you get the work on project that thousands, if not millions of people around the world will play. It's a hell of a lot of work, but in the end, does it ever pay off! It's a great feeling seeing a game that you've worked on for months/years finally make it to the shelf.

Another reason why some people choose to work in the game industry. Not all positions pay the same, but if you are a programmer, chances are that you'll be making a pretty good income. Entry level jobs usually pay pretty well, depending on the studio.

One of the things I loved is that everyday I would learn at least one new thing. The game industry is always evolving. New things and new ways of doing stuff is always coming out. You have to evolve with it, you have to learn new things on a daily basis. You'll also get to share your own knowledge on a daily basis with others in order to achieve goals or tasks. Or even just discuss different implementation techniques!

The People
I've always found that the people that you work with make the job so much better. Most people will love video games just as much as you, if not more. So you'll have something in common from the start. Plus with all the hard work that goes in each and every game, I find this brings teams together and you'll make some good friends really quick. I always found that people I worked with treated me almost like family and I loved it. Maybe not all studios are like this, but it's great if you work in one with this kind of setting.

Most studios I know will have a few events throughout the year, not including launch parties and holidays! These are great for relaxing, getting to know more people around the studio, and meeting their families. These events are very social, just don't let the open bar make you go too crazy! Launch parties are pretty fun, everyone gets together to celebrate the release of the studios latest game or games. Sometimes it's even a really cool themed party at the beach or something of the likes.

Living the dream
Most people that work in this industry are here because they want to be. To them working extra hard into the wee hours of the morning is rewarding and makes them feel like they are accomplishing great things with their life! I'm a workaholic and being a programmer has always kept me busy, maybe even too much at times. It's a great feeling to be working along side others who share that passion and will be there with you every step of the journey, or project. This is an exciting career, if you want it to be.


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